The Random Things I Make


This post is dedicated to my friend Christina, because she, like me, prefers veggies and always tells me how awesome my food is. 

I’m known to make some pretty peculiar things for lunch during the day. Sometimes even performing in my very own version of chopped, no mystery basket – but a bunch of random things that I decide to throw together. Here’s a taste of some of the crazy things I’ve done recently.

Just FYI – I was also testing out my fancy camera for these particular culinary adventures. Stay tuned. I’ll try and update this page with additional weirdness.


Krispy Kale Salad
Roasted kale, apples, carrots and parmesan cheese crisps

This was very good. Lots of crunch. Hence, the krispy.




Tofu Scrambletofu
If anyone knows the recipe for the tofu scramble at Bouldin Creek, please share it. I’d love you forever. This was an attempt to recreate it. Still delightful. Kale, mushrooms, tomatoes and tofu with soy sauce and nutritional yeast.


Weird Breakfast Non-Panzanella Salad


Massaged kale with lemon & olive oil
Hard-boild egg
Toasted Wheat Bread

Weird, but tasty. I did actually eat this for breakfast…




Bagel Salad Sandwich
(Put an egg on it)

This isn’t all that crazy, but look at that egg! I had to share a pic. Kale massaged with olive oil and cumin, tomatoes, cream cheese, everything bagel and that EGG.


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