The Incredible Edible Egg



Do you remember a few years ago when eggs were known to be hazardous to our health? Good thing that pandemic is over with because If that was still the case today, my doctor would HATE me… or perhaps he would love me because I would probably be close to death due to massive egg consumption.

Eggs are a magnificent food. They are so versatile in the ways you can cook them and their ability to pair with pretty much anything. However, the extravagance of the pairings depends on ones preference, the time of day and ones emotional and physical state.

There are so many things you can do with these babies … oh yikes no pun intended? Did I take that too far? I promise it wasn’t intended at first.



Back to eggs and their versatility. Every way you cook them creates a new flavor, new texture and ultimately a new experience. My
favorite way to consume eggs is soft boiled. I eat one at least 3 times a week. It’s easy, it’s quick and most importantly, delicious. The secret to a soft boiled egg is to boil the water first without the egg in it . Once you’ve got a rolling boil, gently place the egg in with a slotted spoon and then set the timer to 6 mins. When the six minutes is up I’ve found its easier to just keep the egg in the slotted spoon and run cool water over it. Then gently crack and peel the egg. Oh also, brown eggs are much better for this kind of experience than white eggs. Guaranteed. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. You’ll see.


Softboiled eggs have a bit more charm than a fried eggs (in my opinion at least). Perhaps its the burst of excitement that happens when you slice through the egg white. Or the delicacy associated with it,  or the fact that fried eggs are essentially the PERFECT addition to any hungover meal, and I mean any. In fact, I could tell you about some pretty weird dishes i’ve put a fried egg on. But I’ll just keep you guessing instead. Mainly due to the fact that I don’t have a reason why fried eggs work their magic,  they just do and there is really no point in questioning it.  There is also the fact that I’ve always been kind of confused between the difference of a fried egg and an over easy egg, and a sunny side up egg. As long as they have gooey yolk seeping out, it’s good.

Hard boiled eggs add a whole new dimension to salads and yet are still relatively easy to make. Hard boiled eggs also make for a quick pre-made snack. Cooking hard boiled eggs is a little different than soft boiled.

  1. Add the egg to water and then bring the water to a boil
  2. Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat
  3. Let the egg sit in the water for nine minutes
  4. After nine minutes remove the egg using a slotted spoon
  5. Run it under cold water, crack it and peel

(I find that plunging hard boiled eggs into an ice bath is typically beneficial but not always necessary)


The next way to cook eggs is one that doesn’t have such a precise method. There are many different variations on how to scramble eggs. I have heard so many different ways on how to successfully scramble eggs. Whisk the eggs together before cooking, crack them in the pan, use a blender to mix them with milk…. umm what? a blender? I barely ever want to bust out my blender for a smoothie. Why in the world would I want to make scrambled eggs with one?  No thanks.

My preferred method is one that I recently discovered, without even realizing how I discovered it. Seriously. Have you ever heard of mixing in a little water while you are whisking your eggs? Apparently I have, somewhere in time, I just don’t remember where… Regardless, one day I did it. I added a splash of water to my eggs and whisked it all together. Then I decided to add a good splash of siracha and whisk that in too. Truth be told… siracha is never a bad decision. Mind you this method has only really worked well for me when performed with two eggs. Basically a solo serving. Just a side note for your reference.

Once the egg mixture is whisked, I pour it into a pan heated with butter and let it sit there for a minute or two…maybe more, at least until the edges looked cooked, almost like you are cooking an omelette… almost. But then grab a spatula and mix it all up. flipping it over a little bit at a time. I have officially fallen in love with cooking eggs this way. The result is a scrambled egg that is still thick and put together. These scrambled eggs don’t need cheese. Which I was a proponent of before I figured out how to cook eggs like this. It’s true. I was never a fan of scrambled eggs unless they were smothered with cheese. You can’t blame me, because Cheese.

Probably the best egg invention ever. It baffles me how many different ingredients you can put into either one of these baked egg dishes to make unique and delicious. The best thing about both of these dishes is that they are easy. super, super easy. Except if you make the quiche crust by hand.. then you are in for an adventure. I’ve written plenty of other blog posts about frittata and quiche (Hatch Chili, crawfish & brie, veggie) so I won’t go into it here. I mean I’ve written an entire blog post on eggs… mind blown.



Oh one egg I forgot. The egg white in boozy drinks. Don’t turn your nose up at it. When a bartender mixes an egg white into your drink you are in for a delightful treat. Because they mix everything up the consistency turns into a frothy goodness that takes your drinking experience to a whole new level.

There’s also poached… but I’ll leave that to the pro’s for now. I’ve tried a few times with only one success. Here’s a great referenceif you feel like conquering the poached egg.

There is also the fact that eggs go into pretty much every baked good ever made.
In essence, Eggs are AWESOME. So go… enjoy the amazing egg. You really can’t go wrong … whisk it, fry it, boil it, bake it..even raw it?

I’d like to dedicate this post to the FDA and their decision to declarie eggs healthy again. Without that deceleration I’d be a complete mess.


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