You’ll Never Eat Regular Pizza Again



Would you stand out in the snow and freezing cold in order to consume some pizza? If you already answered no, stop reading, pop your frozen pizza in the oven and move on with your life.

Listen people, it’s all about the grilled pizza. I’ve only experienced it once before, but this time my mind was blown. Yes, I was standing out in the snow and cold because why would I say no to grilled pizza, cocktails and some great conversation! It really wasn’t bad and I’m sure the Harvest Sangria helped distract me from nature’s elements. Oh yea, and the hot grill I was standing next too.

So here’s how you make grilled pizzas happen:pizza2
First, you’ve got to figure out how to turn on a grill. Sorry, you are on your own on this one….

Grab a handful of dough, roll it out and make sure it’s thin then slather it with an olive oil, garlic and salt mixture. If you don’t have additional helpers, you probably want to prep several in advance so that you don’t have to worry about rolling the dough pre grilling. Transfer the dough to a parchment paper covered cutting board or flat surface that you are able to carry out to the grill easily, hopefully with a drink in hand. Put all your necessary pizza ingredients on the cookie sheet. (pesto, smoked mozzerella, sweet potatoes and arugula? All right!)


Now mosey on outside with your friend tagging along, one of you holding the cutting board with the dough and the other one with the cookie sheet of goodies. The grillmaster needs to put the dough olive oil side facing down and then brush additional oil to the dry side. Close the grill, take few sips of your cocktail while you listen to your friend tell you an enticing, but brief story.


Don’t forget to check the dough! Once you start to see bubbles, check the underside. If it looks a little toasty and brown, turn that sucker over. Lather on your ingredients, sauce, cheese, others with any leafy greens going on last. Close the grill again and take a few more sips of your drink. Have your friend toss you the cutting board and transfer the pizza back once the cheese looks melty and delicious.

Then you head inside, cut up the pizza and taste your masterpiece. Assemble your next ingredients on the cookie sheet and repeat the process. The best thing about grilled pizza is that you can make several different kinds and mix all sorts of unique flavors together. If you get really clever (or drunk), you can start naming your pizzas.


When my sister and I had our grilling experience we named our pizzas man meat (because it was a pizza for a man and it had tons of meat – c’mon guys), reverse Texas (because it looked like Texas but – reverse) and kamikazee (it was our last pizza and we basically threw on everything we had left). So maybe we actually were clever, and the booze had nothing to do with it. Doubtful.





Here are a few additional tips and tricks to make your pizza grilling experience a great one:

  1. 1. You need two people, four hands to make the grilling happen and make sure you are working with someone who you can tolerate. Even better someone you actually enjoy talking to. If not, you’ll have a lot of awkward moments and although your pizza might not go up in flames, your night might.
  2. Don’t have an agenda, or plan to sit down and eat with the family. This is one of those times when you cook, cut, eat a little bit and then head outside to go cook again.
  3. Prepare. Have all of your potential ingredients ready on the counter and have a cookie sheet with the necessary ingredients for the pizza you are about to grill up. Want one with tomato sauce, cheese and mushrooms? Put that on the cookie sheet.
  4. Keep in mind what combination of ingredients you want to try next and how much dough you have left.
  5. Always keep your boozy glass full.


If you haven’t experienced grilled pizza, you’ve got to find yourself a grill, some dough and some crazy toppings ASAP. Yes, it seems like a lot of work but I promise it’s fun and it’s not everyday you get to make a bunch of homemade pizzas that are all unique and have precisely the toppings you choose.

To all my friends… I’m scheming to make a grilling pizza party happen very soon, so keep an eye out on your grills.


Good folks, good food, good booze and a pool. Summertime get here soon!


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