Asian Slaw



Cole Slaw. Blah. It looks so gross in it’s regular form, and frankly, even worse as a mayonnaise laced side dish for barbeque. Oh, shredded cabbage, which is usually more white than green with a few specks of weird purple cabbage intermixed. Lame. But add a few things to it and you are on your way to flavortown… yikes, I just said flavortown.

So, I’ve been thinking about asian slaw for a LONG time and I’m really not sure why I hadn’t made it.  I kept coming across all types of different recipes but I never actually made them. Whhhyyy have I been depriving myself?

So how do you dress up a lame cold looking cole slaw mix?

Add some goodies that hover in the genre of asian, none of that Americanized fat-adding bullshit.

Edamame, shredded carrots, red onion, peanuts, red bell pepper, scallions, cilantro and even some good ol fashioned avocado.

And the dressing? Sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, ginger, PEANUT BUTTER, honey and siracha, oh goodie.

You can also just follow this recipe, that’s pretty much what I did the other night (minus the red bell pepper) and it was a hit with my guests. Served alongside a bed of rice topped with roasted salmon covered with a salmon siracha lime sauce. Everyone ate every last bit of that slaw…

Oh and here is the easiest way to cook rice in the whole world. It might take an hour, but it ends up being so much better than whatever other way is recommended. I’ve written about this rice making tactic before, but it’s on my old blog and meh, I don’t want you guys checking out that outdated thing. (even though I am trying to and working to transfer that content to this site. Someday.)

So asian slaw. do it.


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