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drinkwellHappy Hour, the greatest time of day. If you are able to get out of work fast enough and get over to drink.well, you are in for quite the treat. With a seasonal menu, happy hour drink specials that rotate monthly and drinks that are catered to your taste, the husband & wife owned establishment will open your eyes to the world of simple, yet crafted food and drink. The quaint establishment, otherwise known as an “American Pub,” has a liquor selection that goes on for days, a floor to ceiling (or close to it at least) wine fridge and a small but unique beer selection.  It’s a boozy person’s dream come true, and the food is pretty darn great too.



Happy hour at drink.well consists of $6 “classic” cocktails, each created in the mind of their talented bartenders. Six bucks may seem like a lot, but when you think about the work and creativity that goes into each drink, you realize what a great deal it actually is. Even better, they all still know how to make a specific drink, even if it’s not featured on the menu at that time. Happy Hour also includes $1 off draught beers and $2 off wine by the glass, $1 teasers – otherwise known as bar snacks – and $1 off select sandwiches. If you solely focus on the happy hour menu, you can walk out of their spending less than $30.



Since the menu, happy hour and regular menu alike, is separated into specific drink flavors, there isn’t a particular drink that is recommended. The bartenders will ask you what you prefer, and then recommend a drink that suites your liquor preference and your taste buds, making the experience truly unique and to your liking. As for my own personal opinion, I favor gin and a bit of sweetness. My favorite drink is The Fitzgerald, which includes gin, lemon, simple syrup and bitters. However, the last time I visited I had an Old Cuban – aged rum, lime, simple syrup, sparkling wine and bitters… see a resemblance here? If you aren’t sure what you like, the bartenders will help you walk through the flavors and help you decide on a drink you will thoroughly enjoy.


Ok, enough about the booze, now for the food. The Well Mix is a must. It’s a great before dinner play on chex-mix that is salty, savory and pairs perfectly with a sweet beverage. The Housecut Potato Chips & Dips are also a good “teaser” that can get you going during happy hour. For the main course, referred to as “commitments” on the menu, the Smoked Mushroom Mac & Cheese is to die for. I mean, CHEESE! & mac… yum! Another great option, which low and behold is on the happy hour menu as well, is the Ratatouille on Rye. It’s a version of the classic vegetable dish placed between two slices of rye bread that are smeared with goat cheese and pesto.






As I mentioned before, drink.well is a small venue. I’m not exaggerating about that either. The place holds 6 tables that range from sitting two people to four people with only one table that will sit up to six with 12 barstools circling the bartenders. If you visit at a “hot” time, you may have to stand at one of the two tables attached to poles that stand in the middle of the restaurant. It’s still worth it though, but getting there early for the happy hour experience is definitely preferable. If you happen to snag a table, you must head to the bar/register to place your order. One of the bartenders will call your name when your drink is ready, and another will bring your food out by referencing the Uno card that is given to you upon ordering.

** Note: For dessert, drink.well also features rotating flavors of baked-in-house twinkies…
can it get any better?

All about drink.well 


207 East 53rd Street
Austin, TX


Tues-Thurs 4pm -11pm
Fri 4 pm – 12 am
Sat 12 pm – 12 amdrink3
Sun 12 pm – 11 pm

Happy Hour:
Tues – Fri 4 pm – 6 pm

Takes Reservations: Nope. First come, first serve.

WiFi: Yes

Website: http://www.drinkwellaustin.com/




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